An Overview of the Interactivity Foundation’s Activities

The Interactivity Foundation is a fairly young non-partisan non-profit devoted to helping people work together to think of more ways that our society might approach complex topics of social or political concern. Our core focus is on facilitating the discovery of possibilities by the discussion participants–not directing the participants toward solutions we have in mind. Over time we’ve evolved 3 main activities, long-term Sanctuary Projects, short-term Citizen Discussion Series, and Educational or Classroom Activities:

  1. Sanctuary Projects or Discussion Projects–these are projects where citizens meet for roughly a year to explore and develop contrasting approaches to public policy concerns. You can find more about our notion of “sanctuary” here.
  2. Citizen Discussion Series–these are small group citizen discussions where people meet for a few sessions to explore the ideas developed in a Sanctuary Project
  3. Educational Activities–these support the use of our approach to exploratory and collaborative discussions in educational settings (especially in higher education).

Here’s a short overview of these 3 focal areas. For the time being, my focus with this blog will be on the “Shaping Our Towns and Cities” project, which is a new Sanctuary Project that will start up this winter. I’m currently looking for 12-16 citizen panelists (whether a “specialist” on some aspect of the topic or not) to serve on 2 different panels. Curious about what it’s like to take part in a project? You can find out a bit more about being a panelist here. If you’re interested and would like to learn more, drop me a line or leave me a comment and I can tell you more about it.

–Jeff Prudhomme


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