The Roads that Divide Us

We often think of roads as things that connect us. They help us get from point A to point B. But they can also be an obstacle, a divider, especially when you’re a pedestrian and these are major roadways or highways. The possibility of having walkable neighborhoods, towns, or cities, has been a major theme in the Shaping our Towns & Cities project. We’ve talked, too, about the problem of urban highways that bisect or isolate neighborhoods. Jeremy Kutner’s Christian Science Monitor article “Downtown need a makeover? More cities are razing urban highways” looks into how some cities are seeking to revitalize their declining downtown areas by getting rid of these roadways that have shut them off. Many of these urban highways are nearing the end of their lifespan, so it could be an opportune time to explore alternatives, including visions of more connected and pedestrian friendly downtown neighborhoods.

–Jeff Prudhomme

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